Monday, June 15, 2009

Still Grand After All These Years

So I am still working on my Navajo Nation blog, but I figured this one didn't require a lot of words to tell the story.  The Grand Canyon has been a staple in family vacations for decades.  We encountered so many people from around the globe (there were a lot of non-Americans) all embracing our great landscape.  However, I think it was even nicer that we were able to break away and hike the trail ourselves. At this point in our stay, I think we needed to just see the land and escape to our own heads to reflect for a bit.  Here is a bit of our meditation. Chris' photos tell a part of the story.

I am saying look at the big hole.

This was our hike.  Walking down was beautiful, walking up...  well, that was our workout for the day.

Perfect cloud.

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