Saturday, June 13, 2009


Our stop in Roswell was exactly what we needed.  We are coming off of several intense days with a lot to process.  Whether or not you believe in UFO’s, this city has embraced the possibility and thoroughly branded itself.  Aliens are everywhere. 

My first encounter was at the grocery store as I waited for Enterprise to open.  I walked around the corner of an isle and was staring at …alien key chains, shot glasses and magnets.  Did I somehow walk into another gift shop?

We went to the International UFO Museum, but on the way there we noticed that all of the businesses were attempting to capitalize off of the alien identity.  Arby’s had a sign that read “aliens welcome here”, the coke machines had pictures of aliens drinking their beverage, in fact nearly all of the signs provided some connection back to this identity.  

Have this many people seen aliens or UFO’s?  Most of the people we spoke with in Roswell claimed some connection, whether they had directly experienced it, or they knew of someone who had.  The museum itself attempted to provide the whole story… I think.  Honestly it was a bit hard to follow and I was not quite prepared for so much reading. 


Afterward we crossed the street to “Not of This World Café” where we met with one of the founders of Alien Resistance.  Alien Resistance is a Christian Organization that uses the Bible as a reference to prove that Aliens exist, although, they exist through evil spirits.  They claim that by adopting Christ will you free yourself from these evil alien spirits.  You can read up on the organization here and decide for yourself.


After a solid beginning I think this was the type of experience that all of us wanted.  It offered up a little food for thought, but was easier to digest.  

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bonniekathryn said...

loving the blogs & photos! If you're looking for something to watch on the bus, I saw a really nice documentary yesterday-- Simon Schama's The American Future: A History. Amazing photos & narration from a British perspective. Hope all's going well in Salt Lake City!